In 2018: Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company strives to consume over 3 million tons of coal

Tuesday, Mar 06 2018, 07:44

QTV - After the Lunar New Year holiday, together with the members of  Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin), Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company’ staff  are determining to complete its 2018 production and business tasks.

The Transport workshop No.3 of Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company

Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company is one of the largest open-cast coal mining units in Cam Pha area. The Transport workshop No.3 is responsible for transporting over 40% of the  company’s land and soil volume. To complete the 2018production target, right at early year,  the workshop has delivered the trucks at the conveyor. Together with the Transport Workshop No.3, solutions to reduce costs, stabilize production and employees’ livng conditions have been implemented in all units of the company. In 2018, the company strives to remove 28 million cubic meters of land and soil, exploit 2.8 million tons of coal and consume over 3, 1 million tons of coal, achieving a revenue of over 4000 bil.VND.
Translated by Thu Giang