Aquatic resource protection inspected

Tuesday, Mar 06 2018, 07:44

QTV - Implementing the province’s 2018 task on "Improving the quality of the natural environment", from early year, Quang Ninh’s fisheries inspectorate strengthened its inspection and control over fishing activities of fishermen. 

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After Tet, the whole province now has 30% of fishermen's boats to catch aquaculture. After the inspection, Quang Ninh’s fisheries inspectorate said that boat owners’ awareness has been raised in implementing the province’s regulations on aquatic resource protection. There are more than 7,500 fishing boats in Quang Ninh province. From now to the full moon in January, the number of fishing boats go out to sea will increase, so Quang Ninh’s fisheries inspectorate will continue to strengthen the inspection and protection of aquatic resources.
Translated by Thu Giang