Supplying nearly 35,000 Tien Yen chickens for Lunar New Year.

Wednesday, Jan 24 2018, 09:03

QTV - Meeting consumer markets demands, on Lunar New Year, 2018, Tien Yen district will supply 34,815 chickens to the market.

Tien Yen Chickens

In 2017, Tien Yen District implemented preferential policies to develop Tien Yen chickens, concerning chicken breeds support, loan interest support, promotion and consumption. The total number of Tien Yen chickens in the district in 2017 reached 264,990, exceeding 24.7% of the plan. With the aim of ensuring clean food source, Tien Yen district instructed functional agencies and communes to propagate and guide farms and livestock owners to strictly follow the process of caring for, preventing diseases in line with environmental sanitation. On  Jan. 23rd, 2018, Tien Yen district will launch a tool to identify Tien Yen chicken , thus helping  consumers choose the Tien Yen brand chickens.
Translated by Thu Giang