Black garlic- Quang Ninh's OCOP product

Wednesday, Dec 13 2017, 15:01

QTV - Implementing the program "Quang Ninh – One Commune, One product", Mong Cai City’s  Thai An Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery Cooperative has successfully produced black garlic products from the famous acrid garlic in Vinh Thuc Island Commune.

Black garlic  with beneficial effects on human health

To secure raw materials sources for processing, the cooperative provided seeds, fertilizers, instructed cultivation techniques and purchased about 20 tons of fresh garlic each year for 10 households in Vinh Thuc Island commune. Currently, Thai An Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery Cooperative’s black garlic products are available at 50 agents nationwide and is known for its beneficial effects on human health, reducing Cholesterol, supporting food digestion, preventing and supporting cancer treatment. The successful production of black garlic products, together with the main products such as sweet potatoes, Mong Cai pigs, Tra Co crabs, have formed a series of typical agricultural products of  Mong Cai  tourist city.
Translated by Chu Linh