Vegetable oil - Uong Bi City's OCOP product

Tuesday, Nov 28 2017, 14:23

QTV - To carry out OCOP program, in recent years, Uong Bi City has produced and built trademarks for many agricultural products. One of them is vegetable oil made from peanuts, sesame and soybean by Hai Yen Oil in Quang Trung Ward.

Hai Yen vegetable oil 

each year. To prepare for raw materials, it works with farmers in Uong Bi, Dong Trieu and neighboring provinces to collect 120-150 tons of peanuts, beans and sesame. As one of the high quality OCOP products of Quang Ninh, the vegetable oil is strongly sought with current turnover of over 500 million VND annually, thus creating stable jobs for 10 local workers.
Translated by Chu Linh