Summarizing the model of Edible canna intensive cultivation

Tuesday, Nov 28 2017, 14:28

QTV - Binh Lieu district in conjuncion with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development held  a conference to summarize the model of Edible canna intensive cultivation and new Edible canna cultivation DR3-10 in the localtiy. 

Edible canna DR3-10 

The new variety of Edible canna DR3-10 was pilot cultivated for the second crop in Binh Lieu District. The complicated weather conditions affected the Edible canna’s growth. However, thanks to the application of new intensive cultivation techniques in combination with appropriate irrigation, weeding, fertilization , pestilent insect problems have been limited, bringing in high economic yields. The successful testing of the new variety DR3-10 would create favorable conditions for farmers in Binh Lieu district to have good Edible canna varieties in line with climate condition and new intensive cultivation methods,  thereby contributing to improving economic efficiency for  people.
Translated by Thu Giang