Co To disburses nearly 70% of basic infrastructure capitals

Wednesday, Oct 04 2017, 10:41

QTV - To increase the usage effectiveness of state budget, in 2017, Co To District has focused on accelerating construction and disbursement of basic infrastructure projects, especially, huge ones which could boost local economy.

Some road constructions in Co To Town being hastened
Some road constructions in Co To Town being hastened

In 2017, Co To is given 160 bill VND to invest in 20 projects to develop basic infrastructure. 5 of which are broken ground in 2017 while the others were begun in 2016. By now all 2016 constructions with huge investments have been basically finished while paper work for constructing new projects are being fulfilled. By the end of September, the total disbursed capitals of the district has stood at 110 bill VND, equaling to 70% of the set plan. In 2017, Co To also prioritizes sources for paying off outstanding debts in basic infrastructure.
Translated by Dao Linh