Uong Bi City focuses on implementing enterprise support solutions

Friday, Sep 08 2017, 09:48

QTV - With a view to identifying enterprises - businessmen as an important force in the process of socio-economic development, over the years, Uong Bi City has focused on implementing solutions to accompany and remove difficulties for enterprises in the production - business process.

Meeting with enterprises is given special attention by Uong Bi City

In 2017, Uong Bi City identified one of the key tasks is the clearance serving investment projects. This is also the first year the city has spent 56% of its budget capital on capital construction investment and saved 10% of recurrent expenditures for the clearance. In the first quarter of 2017, the city has completed the clearance for five investment projects in the province. In 201,7 Uong Bi City continues to maintain meetings with enterprises  , with the aim of removing enterprises’ difficulties and obstacles , contributing to building the business community’s trust in the city’s investment and business environment.
Translated by Thu Giang