The attraction of Quang Ninh OCOP Fair,2017.

Wednesday, Sep 06 2017, 09:27

QTV - The 5th OCOP Fair, 2017, is taking place excitingly and vibrantly. On the third day, the fair continues to attract thousands of tourists to visit and buy goods.

Ha Long Pearl booth

According to statistics from the Organizing Board, from the opening night, Quang Ninh OCOP Fair,2017,  welcomed thousands of people. Under the theme "Quang Ninh OCOP Products  - Vietnamese Brand name",  Quang Ninh 5th  OCOP Fair has the largest scale ever. Localities in the province introduced 290 typical products, up 80 products compared to the 4th OCOP Fair. Many products met criteria from 3 - 5 stars at the 2017 OCOP product contest, creating the confidence of local people and tourists. Currently, booths at the fair are continuing to increase the number of goods, meeting people and visitors’ shopping demands.
Translated by Thu Giang