Restoring precious agricultural products "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice"

Wednesday, Sep 06 2017, 09:26

QTV - "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice”  is successfully restored and preserved by Dong Trieu Town. Presently, Dong Trieu farmers have cultivated this precious rice variety on a large scale, bringing high economic values. At this Quang Ninh OCOP Fair, "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice” is also one of consumers’ favorite agricultural products, consumed more than 1 ton.

Golden Flower Glutinous Rice

From the successful restoration of "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice” , Dong Trieu Town has put this rice variety into mass production. In 2010, Dong Trieu Town cultivated “Golden Flower Glutinous Rice” on an area of 100 ha, but now, this figure is up to 800 ha, corresponding to the output of 4,000 tons / year. Averagely,  1 hectare of Golden Flower Glutinous Rice has a turnover of 60 mil.VND, a twofold increase compared to conventional rice planting. The successful restoration of "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice” has been valuable in preserving rare rice varieties, providing a great opportunity for Dong Trieu Town and farmers to continue  developing local brands, thus  meeting the domestic consumption demand and and expanding international markets.
Translated by Thu Giang