Binh Lieu brings communes and villages out of special difficulties

Wednesday, Sep 06 2017, 09:26

QTV - Recently,with the aim of  implementing tasks and solutions to bring communes and villages out of special difficulties, completing the program 135, Binh Lieu has focused on supporting effective economic model development, motivating to help households get out of poverty sustainably.

Honey bee cutivation model brings high economic value in Tinh Huc Commune, Binh Lieu District

In 2016, from  the capital source of the program 135,  Binh Lieu District allocated more than 3.1 billion VND to support 10 concentrated production development projects in 6 communes with the participation of  nearly 300 households. With the orientation of developing production models on the basis of effective exploitation of land and forest resources for economic restructuring and crop structure, until now, some models have been seen  economic efficiency, creating stable incomes for households. As a result, the rate of poor households in the district decreased from 3-5% per year. In 2017, Binh Lieu will allocate more than 8.6 bil.VND to support 20 production development projects in 6 communes and 10 hamlets, aiming to help people develop production, contributing to the local socio-economic development.
Translated by Thu Giang