Hoanh Bo introduces 40 products at OCOP trade fair

Wednesday, Aug 30 2017, 10:14

QTV - To prepare for OCOP Quang Ninh trade fair, taking place from Sept 1st to 5th, Hoanh Bo-based producers are stocking goods, ensuring food safety before the trade fair.  

Hoanh Bo's medical noodle - one of its OCOP products
Hoanh Bo's medical noodle - one of its OCOP products

Attending Quang Ninh OCOP trade fair 2017, Hoanh Bo has 5 booths, selling 40 special products of which 26 were classified. To promote and supply quality products to customers, businesses and units of the district are actively stocking goods, focusing on quality and designs of products. Under the theme “Quang Ninh OCOP product – Vietnamese Brand”, the fair is regarded as a chance for localities to introduce and promote their products. Thanks to OCOP program, the handmade products in Hoanh Bo are now put in production chain, increasing farmers’ incomes.
Translated by Dao Linh