Farmers turn into producers and businessmen in Dam Ha District

Wednesday, Aug 30 2017, 10:16

QTV - After 3 years of implementation, the movement of “Farmers turn to producers, businessmen, unite and support each other to get rich and escape poverty” is being expanded and received active response from cadres and farmers’ association members.  

White-leg shrimp cultivation brings high economic revenues
White-leg shrimp cultivation brings high economic revenues

To hasten the movement sustainably and make it simmering, Dam Ha has invested in infrastructure development in concentrated production zones. The Farmers’ Association and Credit Institutions have worked to help farmers access to loans. In 3 years, more than 4,000 farming households have been supported financially by creditors with total loans of 70 bill VND. Along with financial support, The District’s Farmers’ Association has opened 28 training courses on farming technology transference and aquaculture for more than 2,500 farmers. The movement is contributing greatly to agriculture-forestry and fishery development and local rural construction program. 
Translated by Dao Linh