Applying Biofloc technology in shrimp cultivation

Wednesday, Aug 09 2017, 15:16

QTV - Earlier this year, in the summer spring shrimp crop, 2017, the Provincial Agricultural  Extension Center guided and transferred Biofloc technology to some shrimp farming households and units. Thanks to this technology, waste treatment in ponds  and disease prevention have been well implemented, yielding high shrimp productivity.

Shrimp cultivation with Biofloc technology yields high productivity

Nam Hai aquaculture factory in Hoanh Bo district invested 8 white shrimp ponds with Biofloc technology on a total area of 18,000m2. On average for a pond, the factory has to invest 150 million VND in initial cost compared to 20-30%  in seaweed cultivation. With this technology, only about 70 days later, farmers can conduct a shrimp harvest. Raising white shrimp with Biofloc technology is very environmentally friendly, because the floc particles always provide additional nutrients for the water environment in ponds, minimizing the use of chemicals.
Translated by Thu Giang