Mong Cai City recognized as the 2nd grade urban area
QTV - On Sept.19th, The Prime Minister has signed Decision recognizing Mong Cai City as the 2nd-grade urban area under Quang Ninh Province.
Quang Ninh's export exceeds 140 mill USD
QTV - According to Quang Ninh Department of Planning and Investment, the export turnover of enterprises in August was estimated at 141.5 million USD; bringing the total export turnover in 8 months to 1,076 million USD, up 12,05% over the same period last year.
Quang Ninh delegation works in Taiwan, China
QTV - From Sept 4th to 9th, Quang Ninh delegation, led by Permanent Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial people's Committee worked in Taiwan, China in order to increase cooperation in fishing breeding and aquaculture.
Quang Ninh to have 5 applications recognized in Vietnam Golden Book for Creativity 2018
QTV - At the announcement ceremony of Vietnam Golden Book for creativity 2018, Quang Ninh has 5 in total 73 constructions to be recognized.
Number of cooperatives in Quang Ninh to increase to 536 in 2019
QTV - Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee has issued plan No123 on developing collective economy by 2019, setting targets of establishing 68 new cooperatives, making the total number to 536; the production value in cooperatives rising to 5 to 6%; the percentage of staffs with college and university degree takes 18.49%. The average income of cooperative members in 2019 is planned to increase 1.1 to 1.5 times as many as in 2018.
OCOP Quang Ninh favored by consumers in neighboring provinces
QTV - From August 31st to September 6th, in Thai Nguyen, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with Thai Nguyen People's Committee co-organized the Northern Mountainous region OCOP and high-tech agricultural Fair.
Viglacera earn 1,300 bill VND in 8 months
QTV - Viglacera Ha Long Joint Stock Company aims to earn a revenue of 2,200 bill VND in 2018. The company is directing its affiliates to synchronously implement solutions to fullfill targets.
Number of visitors to Quang Ninh in Aug. increases by 25%
QTV - In 8 months, the number of tourists to Quang Ninh was 9.2 million, a year on year increase of 25%, International visitors stood at over 3.2 million arrivals, up 17% over the same period last year.
Ha Long – Hai Phong Highway inspected
QTV - In preparation for the inauguration ceremony of Ha Long – Hai Phong highway on Sept., 1st, Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee ,Nguyen Duc Long, inspected the construction progress of the highway.
Cargo through Cai Lan Port sharply increases
QTV - 8 months of 2018, more than 5.9 million tons of bulk and nearly 70,000 TEU were transported via Cai Lan International Port, a sharp increase over the same period last year.
Great potential for Vietnam's shrimp farming industry
QTV - Vietnam's shrimp farming has a huge potential for development because of the favorable conditions of farming and the demand for shrimp continues to increase. By now, there are many high-quality shrimp farms meeting international standards such as ASC, BAP...
Quang Ninh Customs supports entreprises
QTV - With the aims of reducing administrative procedures, saving time and cost, and limiting meetings between customs and enterprises, Quang Ninh Customs is focusing on shifting from administrative management to decisive administrative reform.
Safe agro-forestry-fisheries supply chain developed
QTV - Continue developing safe agro-forestry-fishery supply chain is the most effective solution to control food safety and hyginene. This was a conclusion made during a meeting held by Quang Ninh's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to sum up the project in the province.
Quang Yen prevents rice insects
QTV - In order to minimize the damage caused by insects in the winter crop 2018, the Quang Yen Town's Center for Agricultural Technical Services has applied measures and guided farmers to recover rice after storm.
Prepare for the open of the highway on August 31st
QTV - On Aug 19th, Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Duc Long inspected the preparation for the open of Ha Long – Hai Phong Highway which is planned on Aug 31st.
70% of ground to be handle to Van Don – Mong Cai highway project
QTV - Van Don – Mong Cai highway, going through Tien Yen is nearly 13km, regards to land of 306 households in Dong Ngu, Dong Hai and Tien Lang. By now, 234 households have agreed with the price of which 186 received the compensation and handled their lands.
Tien Yen harvests more than 1,100 tons of shrimps in the spring-summer crop
QTV - In 2018, Tien Yen set target of harvesting 1856 tons of shrimps, however, by July its harvest equals to more than 60% of the plan. This is the result of good direction. The white-leg shrimp is bringing in higher income for locals.
Quang Loi Commune plans to bring its 3 hamlets out of poverty
QTV - To implement Plan 196 "Missions and solutions to bring extremely disadvantaged hamlets out of poverty in the period of 2017-2010 in Quang Ninh", Dam Ha District focuses on local people's participation, thus achieving positive results.
An Sinh custard apples in harvest
QTV - These days, growers in An Sinh Commune, Dong Trieu District are busy harvesting custard apples as they have a bumper crop and high economic yield.
Dam Ha District: Ground Clearance for Van Don – Mong Cai Highway to be completed by late Nov.,2018
QTV - Van Don Mong Cai Highway through Dam Ha district has a length of 13.65 km, passing through 5 communes with 331 households and organizations affected .To serve the project's implementation, Dam Ha is speeding up its ground clearance, striving to hand over the whole premises to investors in late Nov.,2018.
38 automatic environmental monitoring stations will be put into operation in Aug.,2018
QTV - In order to control the quality of the mining wastewater after treatment, from mid-2017, VINACOMIN Environment One Member Ltd.Com. installed 38 automatic environmental monitoring systems at coal units. After completing the installation, mid-June 2018, these stations have been put into trial operation and initially effective.
Smuggling prevention on Mong Cai Border Area strengthened
QTV - In order to prevent smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods, relevant forces at Mong Cai Border Area is focusing on deploying solutions to prevent smuggled goods from the border area.
Hai Ha District: Over 1,600 laborers have new jobs in July, 2018.
QTV - From the beginning of this year until now, Hai Ha District created new jobs for over 1.600 laborers, achieving 65% of its plan.
English news Aug 8th, 2018
English news Aug 8th , 2018
Dong Trieu improves DDCI
QTV - In 2017, Dong Trieu Town ranked the 8th among in 14 localities concerning Department and District Competitiveness Index DDCI. In order to lift the index, since early 2018, the town has actively implemented measures to improve sub-indicators.