Ensuring the progress of key transport infrastructure projects
QTV - According to a report from the Department of Transport, the construction progress of key transport infrastructure projects in Quang Ninh Province is being accelerated by investors and contractors , with the aim of compensating for the construction time interrupted by the rainy months.
Quang Ninh takes advantage of social network for economic operation
QTV - Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee issued a Decision dated October 16, 2017 on the trial operation of Quang Ninh DDCI fanpage to serve the supervision of public service quality and operate grass-root economy.
OCOP Training course 2017
QTV - On Oct 19th and 20th, Quang Ninh OCOP Steering Committee held a training course to equip the state managerial staff with knowledge and skills.
Good economic development example in Quang Son Commune
QTV - Women actively learning, working, and building happy families has been taken into account by Hai ha District's authorities. To date, many local women have get wealthy.
The movement of good business farmers promoted
QTV - By the end of September 2017, more than 74 billion VND has been entrusted by the Hai Ha Farmer Association to help thousands of farmers develop economy.
Quang Ninh provincial leader worked with PWC Vietnam Co., Ltd
QTV - Vice Chairman of the Quang Ninh People's Committee Nguyen Van Thanh worked with PWC Vietnam Co., Ltd on the master planning for socio-economic development of Van Don Special Economic Zone.
Extending the electronic tax declaration and payment of house renting
QTV - According to the General Department of Taxation, from November 2016 to now, the tax authorities have received more than 25 thousand electronic declarations of individuals that renting houses, with nearly 24 thousand individual accounts registering electronic tax transactions.
English news October 9th, 2017
English news October 9th, 2017
Groups of households help each other reduce poverty
QTV - Localities in Quang Ninh are supporting production for households to reduce poverty. At Tinh Huc Commune, Binh Lieu District, a supportive model is being implemented in groups, of which well-off ones will play leading role.
Co To disburses nearly 70% of basic infrastructure capitals
QTV - To increase the usage effectiveness of state budget, in 2017, Co To District has focused on accelerating construction and disbursement of basic infrastructure projects, especially, huge ones which could boost local economy.
State budget collection increased thanks to visiting fee
QTV - Since the state management shifted from Ha Long Bay Management Board to Ha Long Municipal People's Committee, state budget collection via visiting fee for the bay has rocketed.
Entrepreneurs Café keeps up the good work
QTV - On September 24th, in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh's Department of Construction and the Association of Businesses held Entrepreneurs Café to help removing difficulties for businesses in construction sector.
Provincial Road 335 to be completed its repair in Nov 2017
QTV - In order to upgrade road surface, since July 2017, Quang Ninh's Department of Transport has implemented the project of repairing provincial road 335 in Mong Cai City. Contractors are accelerating the construction progress to finish it this November.
Hai Ha strives to rescue communes and hamlets from extreme difficuy
QTV - Implementing Proposal No 196, since the beginning of the year, Hai Ha District have disbursed budget for hamlets and communes considered as in extreme difficulty to improve infrastructure base, give them breeds and seeds to change of rural face and increase life quality of locals.
Handle resolutely behind-schedule projects in Ha Long City
QTV - To increase state management and land use efficiency in Ha Long City, departments, agencies and Ha Long City focused on reviewing projects which had been given land. After checks, Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee will resolutely handle behind- schedule projects affecting locals' lives.
Enterprises Connection Seminar between Quang Ninh (Vietnam) and Fujian ( China)
QTV - On Sept 19th, Vietnam's Qaung Ninh's Investment Promotion Agency (IPA), Department of Industry and Trade cooperated with China's Fujian Department of Trade to hold a seminar to connect enterprises between the two provinces.
Quang Son develops the model of growing bamboo shoot
QTV - To help local resident break the poverty rink, develop household economy sustainably, Quang Son Commune, Hai Ha District encouraged people to grow Mai bamboo shoots.
Ha Long cleans up tourism environment
QTV - Ha Long Municipal People's Committee has launched inspections to enterprises running tourism business on Ha Long Bay and strictly handled violations of tourist boats, organizations and individuals, contributing to building a friendly, civilized tourism city.
Binh Lieu strives to bring communes and villages out of special difficuies
QTV - To implement the project of bring the communes and villages out of special difficulties and complete the 135 program, Binh Lieu District has focused on supporting the development of economic models, creating motivation to help households sustainably get out of poverty.
Uong Bi City focuses on implementing enterprise support solutions
QTV - With a view to identifying enterprises - businessmen as an important force in the process of socio-economic development, over the years, Uong Bi City has focused on implementing solutions to accompany and remove difficulties for enterprises in the production - business process.
Restoring precious agricuural products
QTV - "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice" is successfully restored and preserved by Dong Trieu Town. Presently, Dong Trieu farmers have cultivated this precious rice variety on a large scale, bringing high economic values. At this Quang Ninh OCOP Fair, "Golden Flower Glutinous Rice" is also one of consumers' favorite agricultural products, consumed more than 1 ton.
Binh Lieu brings communes and villages out of special difficuies
QTV - Recently,with the aim of implementing tasks and solutions to bring communes and villages out of special difficulties, completing the program 135, Binh Lieu has focused on supporting effective economic model development, motivating to help households get out of poverty sustainably.
The attraction of Quang Ninh OCOP Fair,2017.
QTV - The 5th OCOP Fair, 2017, is taking place excitingly and vibrantly. On the third day, the fair continues to attract thousands of tourists to visit and buy goods.
Conference on OCOP product supply and demand and agricuural products
QTV - Under the framework of the OCOP Fair, the provincial OCOP Steering Committee held a conference to connect OCOP product supply and demand and Quang Ninh agricultural products in 2017 with the participation of 48 domestic and foreign enterprises.
Ha Long Shipbuilding Company starts constructing ship ordered by Canadian partner
QTV - On August 31st, Ha Long Shipbuilding Company organized the keel laying ceremony for constructing fish vessel, named Fishing Trawler, ordered by Canada's Shipbuilding Asia LTD. The modernly built ship, meeting requirements of the international fisheries rule, is constructed for offshore fishing.