Uong Bi City's Ornamental Creature Market opens

Tuesday, Sep 04 2018, 08:02

QTV - During Sept 2nd Holiday, local people, tourists, and ornamental creature and antiques lovers had a new venue to share and buy related things. Uong Bi City’s Ornamental Creature Market opened with an rural look of leaf-roofs and bamboo fences. 
Some pictures taken at the fair.
Image Source: baopquangninh.com.vn



The operation of the market helps diversify the city’s tourism products. In the coming time, the city will connect the market with historical relics and landscapes like Yen Tu, Yen Trung Lake, Ba Vang Pagoda, Waking Street, Feb 25th Square…to make an exciting tourism chain to satisfy visitors’ demand when coming to the land of Buddha. 
Translated by Quynh Trang