Mid- Autumn Festival at Quang Ninh's Disadvantaged Children Sponsorship Center

Wednesday, Sep 26 2018, 08:06

QTV - Along with thousands of children in the whole province, children at Quang Ninh Disadvantaged Children Sponsorship Center are also excited with the joy in this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Benefactors presented gifts to disadvantaged children 

Quang Ninh’s Disadvantaged Children Sponsorship Center is adopting over 120 children. Teachers at the center and benefactors in the province co-organized a happy and warm the Mid – Autumn festival night with a large outdoor stage. At the event, children would compete Mid- Autumn food display and enjoy the festival. This special love helped the disadvantaged children have a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival in their big family. Along with International Children Day on June 1st, Mid-Autumn Festival is the occasion for teachers and cadres at the center to send dearest love to children.
Translated by Thu Giang