Family gathered for meals

Sunday, Jul 01 2018, 14:04

QTV - In modern busy life, many traditional values are being neglected; family meals still keep their importance. It is not only a meal but also a chance for family members to share, get closer and tighten relation. “Family meals foster warmth and love” is the theme of Vietnam Family Day this year.

Do Van Thang and his wife share a dinner.
Do Van Thang and his wife share a dinner.

Being a doctor, Do Van Thang is very busy however, he and his family members, live in Dai Yen Ward, Ha Long City, always  try to gather for dinners. For the Vietnamese, meals are considered as a precious cutural value, when family members share their daily stories, know each other better and for generations to maintain strong attachment. While sharing meals,  the young generation is educated of traditional rules and rituals, which contributes significantly to the personal and lifestyle formation of children. To teach children about love, we should start from the family love. The way people care  for their relatives is the most specific lessons. So maintaining family meal is the secret to keep the family happy. 
Translated by Dao Linh