Cua Van Floating Cultural Center : attractive tourist destination

Wednesday, Jul 04 2018, 15:39

QTV - Cua Van Floating Cultural Center  is regarded as a miniature museum in the heart of the heritage – the World ‘s natural wonder. Currently, it has become an appealing destination, attracting hundreds of tourists everyday.

Cua Van Floating Cultural Center 

Cua Van Floating Cultural Center has a total area of  420m2. In the pure air and peaceful environment at sea, visitors will have a deep understanding of fishermen’s material and spiritual life on Ha Long Bay through over 1,500 documents and exhibits on Cua Van fishing village under the themes of nature and people, living methods, spiritual life ect. Besides, tourists also enjoy exciting experiences such as bamboo boat racing , kayak, Ha Long Bay visiting. The center receives 400 tourist arrivals everyday, creating jobs for 35 laborers with stable incomes.
Translated by Thu Giang