Quang Yen ready for intangible cultural certificate

Thursday, Jan 18 2018, 07:52

QTV - Being existed since 17th century, Tien Cong Festival has been the largest one in Quang Yen Town in honor of the merit of 17 communal gods’ contribution to expanding the land and pay tribute to the elderly.

Tien Cong Festival always attracts the particpation of many people

At Tien Cong Festival 2018, Quang Yen Town will organize a ceremony to receive the intangible cultural certificate for  the festival. To ensure the festival to go smoothly, the authority há asked contractors to upgrade the playground, lighting system, and shopping area as well as other items. The festival is one of a series of activities within the scope of 2018 National Tourism Year Ha Long – Quang Ninh. 
Translated by Quynh Trang