37th National Television Festival opens in Thanh Hoa

Friday, Dec 15 2017, 14:24

QTV - The 37th National Television Festival opened at FLC Sam Son International Convention Center, Thanh Hoa Province. This television broadcasting industry’s annual event  is organized by Vietnam Television and hosted by Thanh Hoa Radio and Television Station. 

A performance at the opening ceremony 

The festival attracted nearly 1,000 delegates from the radio and television stations nationwide. This is the occasion to honor the best works broadcasted in a year while offering an opportunity for local and foreign TV makers and producers to meet, exchange programs, collaborate on production, and update the trend of the television industry as well as and share the same concerns and interests. Quang Ninh Radio and Television joins the festival with 9 works of documentary film, reportage, program for  children, and talks ... The festival runs until December 16.
Translated by Quynh Trang