Science and Technology Creativity Contest for junior high school students

Monday, Oct 30 2017, 12:40

QTV - Uong Bi City has organized the 4th municipal science and technology creative contest, 2017, for junior high school students.

Students present their work at the competition
Students present their work at the competition

Among the 14 entries, many of them are said to have  scientific and technical values,  widely applied in practice and highly appreciated, such as the model of distilling fresh water from salty water, robots capable of collecting rubbish on rivers and lakes. Closing the contest, the Organizing Board awarded the first prize to the model of organic fertilizer made from Sugarcane to grow vegetables by students from Nguyen Van Cu High School. The event is held every two years by Uong Bi City with the aim of encouraging students to research science and technology, apply their knowledge to solve problems in daily life. 
Translated by Thu Giang