Vu Lan Festival in Vietnamese mind

Wednesday, Sep 06 2017, 09:26

QTV - No one knows Vu Lan Festival has become an indispensable day in every Vietnamese mind. Maybe , Vu Lan Fesstival’ unknown origin, but the deep humanity of this day is well known.

Rose brooch ritual  in Vu Lan Festival

According to ancient legend, the 7th full moon day is known since the Bodhisattvas save his mother out of the hungry ghost. From this legend, Vu Lan Festival was established and became a day in remembrance of parents. On this day, people whose mothers are still alive will pin a red rose on their shirts and will show gratitude to their parents. People whose mothers passed away will pin a white rose and pray for the salvation of their mothers’ soul. Vu Lan Festival is an occasion to remind us of sacred filial piety.
Translated by Thu Giang