Receiving the Certificates of ranked national historic site for Don Cao relic and An Bien Temple

Monday, Jun 05 2017, 16:18

QTV - On the morning of June 4th, Dong Trieu Town held a ceremony to receive the national historical relic ranking certificates of Don Cao relic and An Bien temple.

National historical relic ranking certificates were granted to Don Cao relic and An Bien Temple.

Don Cao’s national historical relic is located on a 61 meter hill, covering an area of over 145,000 square meters, marking the official establishment of  Dong Trieu’s fourth War Zones. Meanwhile, An Bien Temple is worshipped the female general Le Chan, located on a 5000m2 precinct, with an area of 85m2 in a favorable position, leaning against Van mountain’s side. To promote the value of two monuments, Dong Trieu Town is urgently completing the process of restoration and embellishment associated with the local tourism development.
Translated by Thu Giang