A spotlight in educating generations on Ho Chi Minh's moral example

Wednesday, May 17 2017, 15:23

QTV - The education sector in Dong Trieu District has brainstormed many ideas in preserving and promoting values of Uncle Ho Historical Relics and teaching educational staff, teachers, and student about Uncle Ho's moral example.  
Some images about the Uncle Ho Historical Relics:



The historical site marked Uncle Ho’s visit to a secondary school to talk with local people in Pham Hong Thai Commune (Hong Thai Tay Commune, Dong Trieu Town as now) on February 2, 1965. The site has been classified as a provincial relic and has become a venue to educate officials, teachers and students in the town about Ho Chi Minh's moral example. Many meaningful activities have been taken place there such as incense offering on national holidays; Party membership admission; cultural and artistic activities attracting a large number of people, thereby contributing to educating patriotism and revolution.
Translated by Quynh Trang