2017 Street Art and Folk Games Festival opens

Monday, May 01 2017, 09:22

QTV - In the activities of Ha Long - Quang Ninh 2017tourism week, on April 29th, at Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Youth Union and Youth Associations held The 1st  Quang Ninh Street festival  and Folk games of 2017.

At the festival, youths, people and tourists participated in many interesting folk games such as: tug of war, blindfolded pot hitting, bag jumping, sticks pushing, bamboo dancing… along with that, the street art festival had the participation of 18 bands and 9 dance groups from teams and clubs in the province. The festival contributed to an exciting atmosphere for the Halong - Quang Ninh 2017 Tourism Week, promoting the image of tourism, human and heritage land to friends inside and outside Quang Ninh. 2017Street Art Festival and Folk Games will last to May 2nd.
Translated by Chu Linh