Cua Ong Temple officially recognized as Special National Relic
QTV - On March 18th, Cam Pha City held a ceremony to receive Special National Relic Certificate for Cua Ong Temple. It also kicked off the temple festival 2018.
Cherry Blossom and Yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flower Festival changes its time
QTV - With the theme "Cooperation and Development – Destination of Success" Cherry Blossom and Yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flower Festival 2018 will run for 5 days, from Mar 22nd to 26 instead of mar 24th to 28th as planned before.
Uong Bi ready for Cherry Blossom and yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flowers Festival 2018
QTV - With the theme "Cooperation and development – destination of success", this year is the first time Cherry Blossom and yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flowers Festival has been held in Zen Culture Center , Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi City, under the foot of sacred Yen Tu Mountain. The city is preparing necessary conditions for the festival.
QTV - Mong Cai Municipal Office of Education and Training held a program entitled "Our Vietnamese" for ethnic students from 3 primary schools, namely Quang Nghia, Hai Son and Bac Son.
Cuural week of ethnic groups in Dam Ha District
QTV - Continuing the activities of Cultural Week of ethnic groups in Dam Ha District, 2018, Dam Ha District held many arts and cultural activities and traditional folk games, attracting the participation of many people. Activities such as introducing culinary culture, glutinous cake making, traditional costumes and folk games .
Hai Ha celebrates cuural activities
QTV - In order to help local people to meet and have joyful Tet holiday, localities have organized many traditional cultural activities, attracting a lot of people to participate in.
Cam Pha organizes human chess competition
QTV - Cam Pha City has held Human Chess Festival to mark the establishment of the Party and new spring 2018.
Different wonders of flowers attracts visitors
QTV - To mark Year of the Dog 2018, National Tourism Year - Ha Long - Quang Ninh with the theme "Ha Long – the heritage and the wonder - friendly destination", a festival named "Different wonders of flowers" in Sun World Halong Complex attracted a lot of local people and visitors on the early days of lunar new year.
Exciting activities to mark Lunar New Year in Dam Ha and Van Don District
QTV - To mark the Party's establishment and new spring, localities in the province has organized many exciting cultural, arts, and sport activities, bringing joyful atmosphere to local people.
Art performances welcoming Spring and the Party anniversary
QTV - In the spring atmostphere, Ba Che District has held an art night to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Party's founding anniversary.
Tet tradition honors Kitchen Gods – Vietnam's traditional cuural beauty
QTV - On the 23rd of Lunar December every year, with the aim of expressing sincere honor to Kitchen Gods, Vietnamese people often make offerings to these gods. This is also a good chance for families to gather after a busy and hardworking year .
Scientific workshop on the excavation of the special national historical relic of Tran dynasty
QTV - The People's Committee of Dong Trieu Town in collaboration with the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University held a workshop to announce results of archeological excavation of some monuments in the Special National Historical Relic of The Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu in 2017.
QTV wins a B –prize in the prestigious journalism prize
QTV - At the Hanoi Opera House, on the occasion of the 88th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Central Organization Committee in collaboration with People Newspaper, Communist Magazine, VTV, Vietnam Journalists' Association held awarding ceremony of the National Press Award for building the Party, called the Golden Hammer and Sickle for the second time, 2017.
An Art Exhibition and Photograph to welcome the spring 2018 and the anniversary of the Party
QTV - On Feb 1st, in Ha Long City, the Quang Ninh Arts and Literature Association opened an Art Exhibition and Photograph to welcome the spring 2018 and the anniversary of the Party with the theme "Quang Ninh - integration and development".
Hoanh Bo Spring Flower Festival to open on Feb 2nd
QTV - Being one of four main activities of Hoanh Bo District in response to the National Tourism Year 2018 Ha Long - Quang Ninh, Hoanh Bo Spring Flower Festival will open on February 2nd in Zone 5, Troi Town and extended to 6th Feb.
Tet markets on mountains
QTV - Ahead of Tet, four special markets are frequently held in mountainous communes of Ba Che. Compared to previous years, this year, they are much diversified with a lot of products brought by locals.
Wonder of Flowers Festival kicked off in Ha Long
QTV - To launch the National Year of Tourism, SunGroup kicked off the flower festival entitled "Wonder of Flowers" in Ha Long, the largest of its kind in the North.
Chung making festival – Warm Tet for children
QTV - At Dong Van Commune, Bình Lieu District, The Central Committee for Young Pioneers Tea, Vietnam Supporting and Developing Children Center in collaboration with Quang Ninh Provincial Youth Union co-held Chung Cake making festival – a warm Tet for children.
Grading dossiers to rank 5 cuural and historical relics and tourist attractions
QTV - On Jan 23rd, Vice chairperson of Quang Ninh People's Committee , Vu Thi Thu Thuy , hosted a council to grade dossiers on ranking 5 provincial cultural and historical relics and tourist attractions.
2018 Cherry Blossom and Yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flower Festival to be held on March 15th
QTV - 2018 Cherry Blossom and Yen Tu Yellow Apricot Flower Festival will take place at Yen Tu Center for Festival and Tourism Service from March 15th to 21st.
Quang Yen ready for intangible cuural certificate
QTV - Being existed since 17th century, Tien Cong Festival has been the largest one in Quang Yen Town in honor of the merit of 17 communal gods' contribution to expanding the land and pay tribute to the elderly.
Quang Ninh Folklore Arts Association preserves traditional cuural values
QTV - In 2017, Quang Ninh Folklore Arts Association took initiatives in collecting, preserving, and promoting folklore arts' values.
2018 Yellow Flower Tea Festival
QTV - With the theme of "Brilliant Yellow Flower Tea", in the evening of January 6th, Ba Che district held the opening ceremony of second Yellow Flower Tea Festival of 2018.
QTV - The Vietnam Youth Union of Quang Ninh Province has organized the "Warmth in winter" charity concert in responding to the program "Warm socks for children", donating finance resource to support disadvantaged children in remote areas.
Relocating the statue of General Hung Nhuong Tran Quoc Tang
QTV - After 7 days of implementation, the relocation of General Hung Nhuong Tran Quoc Tang statue has completed.